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Shop Wash 'n Go Singles

NOW AVAILABLE in 100 count for only $12.49


No need to measure or monitor.
We work to make our product as easy to buy and use as possible: One product. One price. Two scent options. Simply toss one detergent Single in the washing machine with your dirty clothes (or two Singles for large loads), and turn on your washing machine.


A fresh take on liquid laundry detergent. You shouldn’t need to choose between price and quality, and we’re determined to make sure you don’t have to. No cutting corners here: from the packaging to the ingredients to the price, we’re obsessed with offering a new and better product.


We're proud to say that our pods contain less chemicals than our competitors, and we're just getting started. Our formula contains plant-based ingredients, and we're working hard in development to bring you fully plant-based pods soon. We want to keep a clean world while we clean your clothes. 



At Wash 'n Go singles, we offer the best quality and pricing for single dose liquid laundry detergent packs. No fancy chambers. No fancy colors. No overstuffed chemicals. No more BS.  When it comes to pods, size doesn't matter! Single-dose pack technology, combined with our patented detergent formula, makes doing laundry easier and more simple than ever before, so you can just wash and go live your life!!!

We focus on value and efficacy and ignore anything that distracts from the best product for less. That’s why you won’t find ten fragrance choices or multiple packs sizes.

In choosing Wash 'n Go Singles, you're making the smart choice of using a product designed to clean your clothes at the lowest cost and with the least effort. What more do you need to know?

Looking forward to keeping the world clean and saving you real money!